Classification of packaging equipment | How many types of packaging equipment are there?

Release time: 2022-09-05

In addition, different packaging materials, such as drinking water, carbonated drinks, pure milk, chili sauce, etc., naturally require different packaging equipment for different materials.

In addition, different packaging speed, degree of automation, integration, and equipment structure, the corresponding equipment is naturally different.

Therefore, in the front packaging part alone, there are five or six differences in packaging equipment.

Back-end packaging is mainly to combine products into major packaging units. In terms of product storage, transportation and sales, this part of the packaging has various forms.

Manufacturers need to carry out secondary packaging for products. According to packaging materials, there are three types of secondary packaging: carton packaging, carton packaging, and plastic film packaging.

In addition, after the secondary packaging is completed, it is generally required to be palletized and then transported to the warehouse. This completes the packaging production of the entire product.