my country's packaging machinery industry development momentum is strong

Release time: 2022-09-05

China's packaging machinery started late. After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's packaging industry. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap and has been able to basically To meet the needs of the domestic market, some products are also exported. And China has made great progress since joining the WTO. The level of packaging machinery has improved very quickly, and the gap with the world's advanced level has gradually narrowed. With China's increasing opening up, China's packaging machinery will also further open up the international market. But at present, the export value of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value is roughly equal to the total output value, which is far from the developed countries.
However, it can also be seen that the current status of China's packaging industry in the international counterparts has been significantly improved, and its influence is also growing. In order to further strengthen the communication and contact between the international counterparts, the China Packaging Federation held a press conference to announce that the "2010 World Packaging Conference" will be held in Beijing in early June 2010. According to the data provided by relevant national authorities, in 2008, the total output value of my country's packaging industry (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan) reached 860 billion yuan, equivalent to more than 126 billion US dollars, and it has become the second largest packaging country in the world. In this regard, Shi Wanpeng, chairman of the Asian Packaging Federation and chairman of the China Packaging Federation, said that according to this development momentum, by 2010, the total output value of my country's packaging industry is completely sure to break through the 1.2 trillion yuan mark.
Packaging machinery can not only improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also meet the needs of large-scale production and meet the requirements of cleanliness, making packaging machinery an indispensable position in the field of food processing. At the end of the 1970s, my country's packaging machinery industry began to take off, with an annual output value of only 70 to 80 million yuan, and only more than 100 product varieties. Today, it is predicted that by 2015, my country's paper packaging products will reach 3,600 tons, and in 2000, there will be as many as 3,700 types of products, with an annual output value of 30 billion yuan.
Today, my country's packaging machinery industry is no longer the same. China has become the world's largest commodity producer and exporter. At the same time, the world's attention is also focused on the fastest growing, largest and most potential Chinese packaging market. The greater the opportunity, the more intense the competition. Although the product level of my country's packaging machinery industry has reached a new level, the trend of large-scale, complete sets and automation has begun, and equipment with complex transmission and high technology content has also begun to appear. It can be said that my country's machinery production has met the basic domestic needs, and began to export to Southeast Asia and the third world countries.
However, in order to meet the needs of the market, my country's packaging machinery industry has also come to a crossroads, and transformation and adjustment has become a problem that the packaging machinery industry has to think about. It is the general trend to develop in the direction of high speed, multi-functionalization and intelligence, to go to the road of high precision, to catch up with the developed countries, and to go global.
my country's packaging machinery industry has shown a strong momentum of development, and manufacturers are also paying more and more attention to the development of fast, low-cost packaging equipment, and the equipment is developing in the direction of small, flexible, multi-purpose and high efficiency. And constantly through imitation, introduction of technology and capital and global procurement, etc., so that the level of packaging machinery manufacturing can be developed rapidly. I believe that my country's packaging machinery industry, which has unlimited potential, will shine on the international stage.