What are the accessories of automatic packaging equipment?

Release time: 2022-09-05

I have always wanted to write about the packaging equipment industry, which is a summary of my work in the packaging industry!

To talk about an industry, it is natural to start with the products of this industry. The products of an industry are a big topic, from which angle should we start?

The characteristics of products in the packaging equipment industry are that there are many types. Many companies have more than a dozen product series alone. Each series is divided into several categories, and each category is divided into several models.

It is even more troublesome to look at packaging equipment from the perspective of the entire industry. The equipment produced by each company has certain differences. So what equipment does this industry have?

Here I try to classify the packaging equipment, through which we can roughly understand each type of packaging equipment.

From the perspective of the entire industry, it can be roughly divided into front-end packaging and back-end packaging.